Accessing our Counselling Service

At the Well Centre we aim to provide a holistic service providing a whole range of support from physical and emotional wellbeing through to practical issues.

Although access to counselling is part of the support offered by the Well Centre, if you are new to the Well Centre, you will not be able to access counselling on your first visit. Instead, on your first visit we will ask you to sign-up with the Well Centre in a process that helps us to get to know you a bit and to agree with you the best way of supporting you. This process involves seeing one of our Doctors for what we call a “Teen Health Check”.

However, if you think you would really benefit from seeing our counsellor, then please do let us know and we will book you into see one of our Doctors who will make a formal assessment to confirm that counselling is the best course of action. If our Doctor does feel that seeing the counsellor would be beneficial, we will book you into see them as soon as possible, although as we are currently very busy there may be a wait of around four weeks.