The Well Centre service provides access to GPs, a counsellor and team of Health & Wellbeing Practitioners.

On meeting a young person a member of the team will endeavour to assess their needs by undertaking a holistic assessment known as the Teen Health Check. This will help us to identify a tailored support plan for each young person.

We can:

 support any young person aged 11-20
provide access to GPs, a senior mental health practitioner and a team of health and
wellbeing practitioners.
provide a holistic assessment and a tailored plan to support young people over the short and
medium term.

Unfortunately we are not able to:

support young people requiring urgent care or who are at significant risk to themselves, these young people should be supported to attend A&E.

diagnose or provide assessments for neuro-developmental disorders such as ASD, ADD or ADHD. Please contact CAMHS/your primary GP for support with this.

support young people with Tier 3 CAMHS intervention, this includes those with significant mental health concerns such as early psychosis. Please refer directly to CAMHS/your primary GP.

offer individual support sessions to parents/guardians or involve them in support plans where a young person doesn’t want this.

▶ Accept re-referrals until 12 months after your original discharge date if the young person has received intervention from us.

Please note:

Lambeth referrals will be cross checked with CAMHS at the point of the referral. Referrals where the young person is on the waitlist for CAMHS will be rejected according to level of risk. This is to ensure that we are not duplicating resources and that the young person is accessing the appropriate help.

Please note:

The Well Centre is not an urgent care service, we will endeavour to see young people as soon as possible, but there may be a wait of several weeks for an appointment, especially during busy periods. This is a voluntary service meaning that young people should have the choice about whether they attend. It is also important that the young person who is being referred to the Well Centre knows about and has consented to a referral being made to our service. Young people who don’t understand or don’t want to attend the service are less likely turn up for appointments and engage with support.

How to make a referral for a young person

It is helpful for our team to have as much information as possible prior to meeting this young person as this helps us to triage.

1: Download and complete our referral form
2: Email it to
If you have additional queries please call us on
0208 473 1581

Self referrals

If you are a young person who wishes to self-refer, please complete our registration form and we will contact you directly.

1. Fill out our registration form: Registration Page

2. If you have additional queries please call us on
0208 473 1581

What to expect after a referral:

We aim to get in touch with the referred young person within 12 weeks of receiving their referral, this contact is often via text. 

On their first appointment young people usually complete an assessment before a support plan is implemented.

Young people are usually seen by our team members alone, they can request someone to be with them if they wish.

We will attempt to contact the referred young person three times. If our contact attempts are not successful, we will notify the person who has made the referral so that alternative support can be put in place.