1-1 HWP (Health and Wellbeing Practitioner) support
Health & Wellbeing Practitioners offer 3 months’ worth of sessions to eligible young people. We will support you to identify 1 or 2 goals to work towards and then plan future sessions around these. Sessions vary depending on each HWP; all sessions are informal and friendly, some may involve watching videos, worksheets or practical tasks. Your HWP might suggest new challenges or ways of managing difficulties for you to try outside of the sessions to help you notice and make changes. Your HWP may also talk to you about new activities or local services that could help you gain confidence, new skills and connections. We often connect young people with mentoring, sports and creative activities; some of our team can also provide advice on housing support, education and training options. Your HWP will give you opportunities to discuss how sessions are going, review your progress and give you a heads up before your sessions are coming to an end.

Group support
Our HWP team run a variety of groups throughout the year on various topics. Our groups are designed to connect you with others and learn new ways to support yourself whilst being supportive and fun. Current group information is posted on the news page and on our social media; please get in touch if you see something you would like to take part in.